How to Put Together Cute Hiking Outfits for Summer

The Balance between Function and Fashion.

Hiking is my new love in 2020. Going out to nature, seeing mountains, ocean or wildflowers has been a remedy for boredom caused by quarantine. As a girl who loves fashion, I also look into how to put together a stylish outfit for each hiking trip. The key thing is striking that balance between function and fashion.

Determine the Functions You Need

  • Is it a long or short hike?
  • How's the weather? Will you be sweating a lot?
  • Any river crossing? Will you get wet?
  • Will poison oak be there?

Those are things I consider before putting together an outfit. For example, if it's only a short hike (less than 5 miles), I can be more flexible and just wear casual shorts and tees. When I knew that there would be poison oak on the trail, I opted for durable leggings to protect my skin.

Now Let's Talk Fashion - Choosing the Cute Tops

I like fashionable details in a top or sports bras. To me, the details instantly elevate the look. Plus, it will make your hiking photo more interesting ?  

[** Below are my personal recommendations, not sponsored. **]

Have Fun with a Theme

When we went hiking to the M.A.S.H set in Malibu, I put together a khaki & white outfit. I have never watched the M.A.S.H TV show before, but from some images I saw, khaki tan, army green, off-white and brown are the colors that came to my mind. My outfits that day reminded my husband of Lara Croft, although I had never watched the Tomb Raider movies. ?

  • Around my neck: Kafka's Kool Tie from REI
  • White sports bra and white top from Lorna Jane
  • Khaki shorts from UNIQLO (bought it a fews years back so I don't think they sell it anymore.)
  • Hiking boots from Columbia

What do you like to wear for hiking? Feel free to share your recommendations in the comment below!

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