Think Twice about the Winter Jacket You Choose - Say No to Animal Cruelty

Have you ever thought about the small actions we take can greatly impact the earth or contribute to animal cruelty? When looking to update our wardrobe for winter, how many of us think down jackets are a great idea? I myself was definitely accused of this. Growing up, I was taught by my parents that a down jacket is one of the best to help you combat the cold.

Not until recent years had I started researching the practices behind the production of down jackets, which is extremely cruel to animals but not enough people are talking about them.

If the source of production is not regulated, the manufacturing of down jackets can mean:

“Live-plucking” — a practice that the feathers of geese and ducks are pulled off their skin while they are still alive.

Other than the unspeakable pain the animals need to endure, they are also left without their feathers and coats, while still needing to live in the cold without their feathers. These ducks are usually kept alive so that they grow back fluffier feathers, and be plucked again and again. Now that’s never-ending torture!

Let’s be honest, our society has evolved enough that many new technologies and resources can provide us with plenty of warmth, without the need to torture animals. I trust that the majority of us will not be okay to associate ourselves with animal cruelty. It’s important to be aware of this issue and think clearly about our actions.

In 2019, I bought my husband Adam a Save The Duck jacket in preparation for our trip to Boston. I was completely new to this brand at the time and only picked it because of the sleek design of the jacket. Boston in February was really cold and snowing. Yet Adam said he was feeling warm except for the body parts that were exposed, like his nose.

Save The Duck jacket for men

I was really impressed by this jacket. So I bought another Save The Duck jacket this year for our trip to Utah. Utah was cold, some days the temperature was in the 30s while we were hiking.

  • The jacket did a great job keeping me warm. It even made me sweat a few times.
  • The design is super cute and feels high quality. I picked the pink-color jacket with faux sheepskin inside.

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Save the Duck GIGA Faux Sheepskin Hooded Jacket

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